King Offa’s Dyke Race

Offa’s Dyke Race13/09/2019 
Rank(bib) Runner Name Time 
143-Jack Scott49:43:50Male 1st
27-Greg Crowley50:57:24Male 2nd
333-Paul Nelson60:28:30Male 3rd
444-Stephen Skates68:37:03 
 65-Phil Rushton68:37:03 
623-Gordon Hughes70:49:06 
 25-Ed Jones70:49:06 
845-Hayley  Stockwell72:26:29Female 1st
94-Rupert Chesmore73:26:55 
1066-Simon Prytherch74:55:25 
 53-Fran├žois Flisijn74:55:25 
 52-Martino Corneillie74:55:25 
 54-Maarten Schon74:55:25 
1410-Tim Downie 75:37:41 
1517-Dylan  Gould77:16:08 
1621-Mike Hoskin79:07:14
1763-Jackie Stretton80:40:32 Female 2nd
1811-Helen Duffield80:56:46 Female 3rd
1919-Ian Haslett82:16:32 
 36-Vic izzy Owens82:16:32 
2158-Adam UGlow Jones82:32:15 
2220-Sally Henderson82:48:58 
2314-Liza French82:48:58 
2449-Ashley Ward84:04:43 
 59-Paul Cunningham84:04:43 
2556-Anthony Brown84:21:30 
 29-Anne Marie  Lord84:21:30 
2862-Andy Quicke86:06:12 
 12-Jon DuftyDNF 
 18-Darren GrahamDNF 
 38-Alfred Pearce-HigginsDNF 
 3-Alistair BisattDNF 
 50-Becky WightmanDNF 
 47-Russell StebbingsDNF 
 60-Emma GreigDNF 
 9-Andrew DisleyDNF 
 48-Patricia van RooyenDNF 
 57-Dave JonesDNF 
 55-Brian TwoheyDNF 
 6-Graham ClarkeDNF 
 28-Steven JonesDNF 
 35-Martin O SullivanDNF 
 22-Anthony HowellsDNF 
 46-Andy SnowDNF 
 61-Gary O ConnorDNF 
 15-Mark GibsonDNF 
 42-Maria RussellDNF 
 32-Robert NelsonDNF 
 8-Ben DaviesDNF 
 30-Ben KirbyDNF 
 31-Eve NapierDNF 
 5-Nicky ChrascinaDNF 
 26-Steve JuddDNF 
 64-Edgar KosterDNF 
12 DNS

The Mercian Challenge

Mercian Challenge13/09/2019 
Rank(bib) Runner Name Time 
187-Shawn  Mills25:19:49Male 1st
280-Kevin  Rogers25:33:17Male 2nd
370-Lee Caves25:55:43Male 3rd
482-David Kinnair27:56:52 
588-Andrew Davy29:23:44 
683-Chris Sandison30:31:32 
773-Hannah Crossley31:42:20Female 1st
872-Ger Collins34:06:25 
 71-Martyn Chatterley34:06:25 
1085-Jack Tavernor38:05:12 
1181-Olwen Rowlands40:56:47 
1268-Jenny Cadman41:45:26Female 2nd /3rd
76-Laura Kennedy41:45:26Female 2nd /3rd
 89-Stuart GregoryDNF 
 86-Paul FirthDNF 
 67-Michael RowlandsDNF 
 78-Jane OvingtonDNF 

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